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Nice, I completed this game only in 15 minutes, the quest is too easy, I hope you can update a harder quest

I'm stuck in the puzzle where the lady with the burning head wants a few seconds of standstill. Can't get the sheep to sit/sleep. Weird.

Hm, it should be as easy as just clicking each sheep. If it doesn't work, there might be a bug - sorry about that!

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the sheep don't have an outline on MacOS

edit: it worked on the fourth try

Thanks for the info. I will look into this.


Short, cute, relaxing.


A deeply personal, almost mystical look at the "what if I just left" fantasy we all feel at times.


Loved this! Covered it on my channel.

[I recommend buying the game before you watch the video. That way you can experience it yourself]


What a wonderful little game. I loved every second of it. <3

Lovely game! Super chill exploration, cool aesthetic and just the right length. I really enjoyed it

Looks very intresting to me.