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This is a little horror game we made for the Global Game Jam in the year 2013. It's only uploaded for preservation purposes, as the old Unity web player doesn't work anymore on modern browsers. Unfortunately, the Linux and Mac versions cause freezes and had to be taken down.

You walk around in a (seemingly) empty submarine. Quickly you will find out that you're not alone... strange creatures are lurking in the shadows. Your heartbeat tells you if they're near.

You have to destroy the submarine and find the rescue capsule in order to win "72".

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AuthorRat King
Tagsfirst, Global Game Jam, Horror


72-Windows.zip 14 MB


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The instant death with complete restart get a bit frustrating after a while but I like the concept and implementation of the goggles.

There are actually save points, so it shouldn't be a complete restart every time. If it is, then it's a bug, sorry.

Oh there is? I must have completely missed them. Will have to give it another try.

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This game had great bones to it, mechanically, there is a lot of things that is fun to play and if expanded on, can actually become a much bigger game. 

I'm also super interested in the lore and why things are the way they are.  Having said that, the slow walking and the pulsing made it super hard to play. I had to rage quit in the end unfortunately. 



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Awesome, that's a really nice picture!!


Thank you, I really enjoyed your game.

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I don't seem to be able to pass the "first level" :p to the left there's instant death, to the right a door that doesn't open fully u.u

EDIT.-I managed to pass that door. Nice game :p

Sadly it freezes a lot in my Linux computer.

Sorry to hear that. It also does have problems with the Mac version, and I have no way to find out what is going wrong. :-/ I guess I have to take the Linux version down too.

I see. Maybe you should contact some other programmer who managed to make their game run on Linux. They may be able to give you some advice and help you with that.

The problem is rather that this is made with Unity 4 and nobody uses that anymore.

Oh, I see. :T

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The only game in this video to genuinely scare me. Although I was slightly stuck at the beginning, the concept and design of this game was a perfect environment for a horror game. Very enjoyable. (5:05)

This is just an attempt. 

The frame rate is a bit bad on the vid, but its okay to watch. 

I am just starting out so any support would be humbling. 

Also sorry if I sound quite, it was 12 at night. Its a good game.


Loved the game. The stealth elements were a little too easy but all in all a good game.


You're game is awesome

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Интересно, но непонятно)

Interessant, aber unverständlich


Das stimmt


Awesome Game!