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Krieg die Bahn, oder die Bahn kriegt dich!

Ein Beitrag zum bpb Game Jam 2023 - unsere Idee war es, das faszinierende Erlebnis "Bahn-Fahren" zu visualisieren und hautnah erlebbar zu machen. Wir hoffen, dies ist uns gelungen, trotz des geringen Zeitbudgets.


  • Björn Grunewald
  • Daniela Müller
  • Friedrich Hanisch
  • Jana Reinhardt
  • Stephan Max

Mit Musik von Crabman


The game is in German, but can also be enjoyed by non-German-speaking persons. (It's part of the Deutsche-Bahn-Experience that nobody speaks English.) You control the game via WASD and mouse, left click to interact with NPCs and doors and see your objective with E.


abgefahren-windows.zip 36 MB
Version 1.0.6 Jul 10, 2023

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as a German, I agree


This is so much like a recurring nightmare I used to have that I almost feel I deserve a credit on this project. Really good, possibly enhanced by my terrible understanding of German