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But where is the manual?

Uh oh, I hope you didn't lose it?

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I think i just not get it in first place at all lol. Where can i get it please ?


Well, I think the manual is out of print. But you can try the somewhat obscure notes in the PDF that should be in the same location as the application.



Not sure if you are adding more to this or not, but for suggestions:

  • a memory viewer
  • the game saving so you don't have to complete it in one sitting (esp. if more gets added)
  • It seems like sometimes the wires were pointers, and other times they carried the raw data? That was a little confusing at first.
  • A puzzle based on recursing in/out would be neat
  • Would be nice if there was more visual distinciveness to components so you could understand stuff at a glance, but that might be against the art style idk, and the setup makes it inevitable that it's a mess of wires and squares anyways, so maybe it's part of the challenge?


congrats on beating the game! Thank you for playing!

I'm currently not developing this further, but maybe a different game will use the mechanic - feedback is helpful in any case :)

I dont suppose you could provide an arm-linux download as well (RPi, but generic armv7 would be fine)