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Recent updates

connected v0.9.5
This is a very small hotfix release, fixing a bug that would scramble the order of connections when using editor-only nodes (PIN, JUMP)...
2 files — 0.9.5
Godot project for Connected dialogs
A Godot (4.2) project was added to the downloads. The project shows how Connected files and the nodes could be used inside Godot. It is compatible with both Con...
1 file
connected v0.9.4
Some bugfixing, or at least attempts at that. fixed (some) bugs happening with mirroring and removing nodes reduced amount of "empty" undo/redo entries fixed a...
2 files — 0.9.4
connected v0.9.3
Small QOL changes. fixed text editor scroll bar position fixed wrong newlines when copying text from another source into node text editor renamed Connectors to...
2 files — 0.9.3
connected v0.9.2
Connected changes for v0.9.2 - this is yet another hotfix update: fixed backups feature - backups are now actually created if the amount of backups is set to...
2 files — 0.9.2
connected v0.9.1
Connected changes for v0.9.1 - this is a hotfix update: fixed filename of config file always being reset to "config.txt" fixed Extra Texts File toggle in Save d...
2 files — 0.9.1
connected v0.9.0
Connected changes for v0.9.0: fixed an off-by-one bug with the Switch node fixed handling of numbers in Condition node updated Roslyn compiler to 1.8.1, now up...
3 files — 0.9.0
connected v0.8.0
Connected changes for v0.8.0: fixed potential bug when trying to duplicate empty node collection changed saving a tiny bit: nodes get sorted by ID before writin...
2 files — 0.8.0

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