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FARBENSPIEL is a local multiplayer arena shooter, to be played by 2 to 4 people on one screen. Shoot your friends, and hide in colored puddles you splashed on the floor! You move slower in puddles of a color different than yours. Every player needs a gamepad!

  • 2-4 birds one one screen, 4 colors
  • four levels
  • chaotic fun
  • still a WIP, so expect updates
  • last update July 2016 (v1.0)
  • If you played the game, we would be delighted about feedback!


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Farbenspiel-1.0-Win32.7z 20 MB
Farbenspiel-1.0-Ubuntu32+64.tar.gzip 47 MB
Farbenspiel-1.0-OSX64.zip 37 MB


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this looks cool =)

Nice concept, we were two to play it. And the "stealth" part work great but the controls were strange. fire take too much time (I prefer shoot faster and aim less good, and aim when you are hidden is hard). And we founded that move is a little bit slow... But this is a good start for a great multiplayer game!

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Thanks for playtesting! I guess the somewhat "slow" speed makes more sense for 3- or 4-player matches. If you want you can try to play around with the values in the options.txt file - turn up "playerMoveSpeed" from 8.0 to 9 or even 10. To change the shooting speed, "shootPowerMinTime" and "...MaxTime" define how long you have to aim until the shot gets full power, and "bullletStartMinVelocity" and "...MaxVelocity" define the shot's speed.

We try with playerMoveSpeed to 9 and shootPowerMinTime to 0.1, and it was really fun (less hide-and-seek but not so less).

If I can found more tester, I would try this with 3-4 players...

Cool, maybe I will change the values depending on certain gameplay modes. Tests with more than 2 players would be great!