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You sneak around in an old mansion, stealing all the good loot - and cake! But don't get caught by the ghosts haunting this place. Hide and find the radio so you hear the directions to the secret passage out of here!

Hands Off Thief is a short VR Android game for Google Cardboard, made at the Global Game Jam 2017 in Leipzig. You need at least Android 5.1 ("Lollipop").

Controls: Just look around with your Android phone. To take things look at them for a while. Walk around when you see an arrow on the floor by pressing the trigger (screen touch). On the ceiling is a switch between VR mode and normal view. A minimap is on the floor.

Credits: Friedrich Hanisch (programming), Jana Reinhardt (textures&modelling), Björn Grunewald (modelling). The music was done by Ludwig Hanisch!

Used sounds from freesound.org:

  • "Blood-Curdling Scream - Male" by grghson
  • "Radio Static" by GowlerMusic http://www.gowlermusic.com
  • "coins - in cloth 02.wav" by Anthousai
  • "Coins Being Dropped-Assorted" by FractalStudios
  • "Door Open And Close" by rivernile7
  • "Door Squeak, Normal, E.wav" by InspectorJ
  • "Rain on Windows, Interior, A.wav" by InspectorJ
  • "Thunder Clap OWB KY 441x16.wav" by Dave Welsh
  • "Eating v1.mp3" by Ondruska


HandsOffThief.apk 25 MB

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