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This game is based on an idea from EgoAnt, submitted for the first Indie Buskers 48h game jam in 2012: “It might be cool to have a game where you control objects to block sunlight to create a path of darkness – so that a vampire can get to their intended victim."

  • WASD / Arrow Keys - Move around
  • Mouse movement - Look around
  • Left mouse button (hold) - Suck blood from people OR use telekinesis on movable objects
  • Escape - Pause / ingame menu

"The Sun Is Deadly" is deeply inspired by Thief: The Dark Project and similar stealth games.

This time you are a vampire, feeding from the citizens of the old towns. Hide in the shadows and use telekinesis to build a path of darkness out of crates. Knock out the guards by sucking them dry, thus getting rid of them. Eventually, find the Golden Box of Jewels so you're able to allure the most beautiful Virgin to your dark home ... the graveyard!

Made by Rat King, with music composed by Ludwig Hanisch.

Download standalone for Windows
Download standalone for Mac


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Hi, Rat King

Just finished playing through Solitune on Steam & enjoyed it, which reminded me about this game & its dead links; is there any chance you will release this game properly on Itch or re-host it on dropbox? It looks pretty interesting.

Hey gregoaaa, is the standalone download not working? If so, please tell me the error you get.