A card based roguelike by Rat King, with music by Paul Hanisch.

Find the legendary Amulet deep in the third level of the insane Dungeons of Mondar!

Programming: Friedrich Hanisch (@ratrogue)
Graphics: Jana Reinhardt (@RottenHedgehog)

Made with Haxe/Heaps.

Development log


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Cool game!

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Yeah this is really cool


It's a mix of Card Thief and Card Crawl and that works really well.


I don't like playing card games, but I like this game because it's not a card game even though it uses cards. Good job!

Never saw a better box quote!


Wow, what an amazing game. The simplicity of the mechanics make it so enjoyable and easy to pick up, yes the scrolls don't describe what they do, but this adds to the mystery and replay-ability of the game, as it is very short. I found myself getting so involved in discovering and learning every single thing the game has to offer that I used almost a full page of paper writing down the symbols, scribbling down what they do, and making sure I don't miss anything along the way.

Rat King has made a truly fantastic game, and I hope you revisit this idea and expand on it with A LOT more content because there is so much potential in this little gem.

P.S. once I finally found the Amulet and got my score, it gave the hint that there is more than one amulet!!? Is this true?? If so, that is amazing.

Hey, thanks for playing - and the kind words!

There is only one amulet though. ;) It might be that I phrased the end text a bit wrong... In any case, more than one amulet sounds like an idea for a more endless version of the game.


I died in one room because I entered it and a dragon thing and 2 other big creatures where there yeah I couldn't handle that at 22 hp RIP..... welp pretty fun game anyways.


Hey. Really fun Game. I did find a glitch with the spell books tho. One of them i dragged to the one exit and it destroyed it. Now there isn't an exit.

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Hey. You've got something good here, I like the overall idea. :)

It's frustrating to not know what the different scrolls and potions do, and often just feels like I'm clicking rather aimlessly hoping they'll do something. I dunno about other people but I always prefer games where the challenge is in using what tools you have to overcome a situation, as opposed to just trying to figure out what stuff does when there's no obvious clue. That just feels frustrating for its own sake, where success often comes down to luck, rather than being a challenge I can think my way around and be rewarded for understanding the mechanics, not guessing them and then having a good memory. For anyone like me without a good memory, those sorts of games often feel like it's impossible to make progress. I don't know if that made sense, I'm not trying to attack you or anything, I just think it could be a lot more enjoyable and less frustrating if there was something telling you what each item does, or at least a hint as to what it's for. I'd say something similar about the 'room effects'. All I know is that the spike trap does damage when you walk into the room, but besides that, I've got no idea what the others do or if it's possible to remove them or if any cards work on them.

That's not to say it's bad. Like I said, I did enjoy it. I just don't think it has 'replay value' for me while the things I mentioned above are still true. I do really love certain 'rogue' games, but typically the ones where I don't feel completely clueless and there's a sense of actual progression, or what you achieve in one run has certain benefits that carry over into the next, and you gradually progress. 'Rogue-lite', I've heard that called. I know that's probably not what you're going for, but I thought I'd add this just to make a point that I do enjoy 'rogue' games.

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Hey, thank you for playing our little game!

Overall I understand completely where you're coming from. My problem with making the game easier is that it would make it extremely short (it has only 3 levels), and it actually was meant as a more "hardcore" retro-like challenge. That being said, I actually expected that people would make their own notes (to help with memory), and/or write in the comments what they think/know what certain cards can do.

By the way, the room effects not telling you what they are is actually a bug which I got told about only today. They should have real names like all the other cards: "Trap", "Low Ceiling", "Fountain", "Sewers". I will fix this soon.


You may not succeed on your first time. You may not succeed on your tenth time. However one thing is certain. Death is in the cards...

Difficult and unforgiving this rogue like card game will throw you into the dark depths of a dungeon; leaving you with nothing but your fists and wits to outsmart ghoulish beasts and deadly traps.

I absoulutely adore the rogue-like genre as this is one of the truest representations of classic 'Rogue' in it's difficulty and lack of tutorialisation. This game is most definitely not for the faint of heart or easily turnt around. I got very lost indeed! X3


fun time killer! i always loved these dungeon games and card style? wowie! still learning new stuff while playing and i gotta ask, whats the scrolls for?


The scrolls are magic spells, and have - depending on the runes - different effects. But usually they need a context. For example, there's a spell to hurt all monsters, but it only actually works if there is a monster. Other spells you can/must drag on other cards...


Cool game, it's like the Darkest Dungeon with cards.
But I had some things which got me a few problems. One thing was that I often forgot in wich room I was two rooms before and so I lost often food and health just by walking again in the same rooms I was before. It reduced a bit the feeling of progress. (but I was also bad in the game Memory)
And I couldn't really figuring out what one of these scrolls does. Some of them do something and other do nothing. And if they do something, I had forgotten which sign it had because I often clicked just randomly around of the scroll cards and sometimes I deleted the scrolls because of my vague knowledge about their abilities. (sorry)
The last thing I had was a bug in one of the rooms. I don't know what I've done to produce this bug. Down there is the room where it happened.  I was able to hover over the cards to see their informations but I wasn't able anymore to drag and drop them. (that was at my third run)
Anyway, it's a really addictive game to me. I also got in my second run to the second level! (and of course, died xD )

Hey, thank you very much for playing - and for the feedback! I guess we should encourage people more to make notes (e.g. on paper) for the game - like scribbling down the map, and what each potion and scroll does (if you find out). ;) The game is pretty short in general, so we wanted to enforce some kind of exploration.
Regarding the bug - interesting, never had that before. (The situation on the screenshot doesn't look unusual either.) If you or anybody encounter this again, maybe try to open the developer tools of your browser and look if there's some message in the console. If yes, I'd be happy to have a look at the error message.

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Dit hätte ich gern als physisches Kartenspiel. Super cool geworden! Könnte ich mir auch perfekt als mobile variante vorstellen.

Das ist eigentlich eine super Idee - vielleicht bringt das Ausdrucken und Prototypen damit das Konzept noch ein Stück weiter! Wenn ich so eine Version mache, dann schicke ich sie dir zu!)