bloed v0.8

Bloed changes for 0.8:

  • fixed Unpack button in Build menu when BloxelLevel isn't root of the prefab
  • fixed problems with creating and deleting new BloxelLevels inside a prefab
  • added function "Recreate ALL Existing Meshes in ALL Scenes & Prefabs" to Initialize tab - recreates BloxelLevels and BloxelJoists after changing BloxelTextures
  • fixed broken geometry generated when bloxels with noise would get clipped

Before the last fix, created geometry was prone to look like this:

But with the fix, it works now - although the "noisiness" is reduced a bit around bloxels with sides that got clipped. The overall quality was not reduced though.

Be aware that for this fix in existing projects to work all BloxelTemplates have to be updated in the Initialize menu.


bloed-0.8.unitypackage 3 MB
Feb 27, 2022

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