bloed v1.0

Bloed changes for 1.0:

  • fixed potential "overlapping UVs" error when baking lightmaps (use the "Generate Secondary UVs" option!)
  • fixed "Show Internals" setting for BloxelLevels; now also displays internals of BloxelChunks
  • removed materials/shader in Resources folder, cursor and markers materials are now generated via code (also for SRPs!)
  • fixed marker position not updating when in grid mode
  • renamed "Show Internals" option in project settings to "Show Debug Info/Settings" - also added debug options in Helpers when activated
  • fixed potential bug with bigger empty rooms where chunks would disappear
  • added two options to Initialize tab for Pick Distance (to reduce unwanted bloxel placements especially in grid mode)
  • ATTENTION: changed folder structure

This release adds "official" support for URP - all you have to do is switch the Bloxel material from the BIRP standard shader to a URP shader. If you upgrade your Bloed in a project be aware that the folder structure was changed and most things are now in a folder Assets/RatKing/Bloxels.

Screenshots from 666 Coins, made with the help of Bloed - map textures and level design by voxel.


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Mar 15, 2022

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