bloed v1.1

Bloed changes for 1.1:

  • fixed several issues when trying to update bloxel types
  • fixed buttons in the Build menu not updating the scene view
  • fixed undo not working correctly when placing standard bloxels in grid mode
  • changed the BLOXER tool to work like the CUBOIDER tool from v1.0 and before
  • changed the CUBOIDER tool so it allows large scale geometry editing

The new tool for creating cuboids has a much improved workflow, now functioning a lot like the copy&paste tool. I.e. you draw a box on the grid and change its height, allowing very big selection boxes. The selection box can then be filled with any bloxel type, typically the air or the cube bloxel.


bloed-1.1.unitypackage 3 MB
Apr 10, 2022

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